Boots with Reversible Cleats – Bringing Versatility to Your Ice Cleat

When we designed our K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleat, we knew we had to create an innovative reversible cleat. It was necessary to overcome a very real problem for industrial workers who used to rely on old technology in their traction aids.

That old technology was the full-sole ice cleat; a cumbersome piece of equipment that was an industry standard for many years. The problem with that particular design was that it was created entirely for use outside. It certainly did its job when workers were on site working in snow and ice. However, it became both a problem and a daily inconvenience for workers who were climbing in and out of vehicles or walking back and forth into and out of buildings. The metal studs that made full-sole ice cleats so effective made them entirely ineffective – and in fact, quite dangerous – when they were worn indoors. Think about what it was like walking on cement in your ice skates on the way from the dressing room to the ice rink. Full-sole cleats created the same slippery situation for workers that ice skates made for unassuming kids. Thankfully, walking on boots with reversible cleats not only remedies this situation, but also reduces slips and falls in the workplace. This is why we created the K1 Mid-Sole Ice cleat.

The K1 Mid-Sole Ice cleat incorporates a revolutionary design that allows workers wearing them to rotate the cleat out of the way – kind of the same principle as putting your transmission in neutral. When you’re outside in conditions that demand it, you simply engage your cleat to ensure your safety. When heading indoors or jumping in a vehicle, you disengage your ice cleat with a simple rotation. You suffer none of the inconvenience that comes with having to take off your cleat, which can sometimes be difficult if you’re covered in thick winter safety outerwear, gloves and toques. The K1 Mid-Sole ice cleat is effective on snow and ice and entirely versatile when you’re away from those conditions.

When reducing slips and falls is a major objective in your workplace, make sure to purchase the Industry Leader – K1 Series Mid-Sole Ice Cleat. Learn more at

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