Construction Workers Stay Safe with the K1 Series Heelstop

Construction workers wearing our K1 Series Heelstop know they’ll be safe on the job site. The annual “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” event is a fundraiser that sees men dress in high heels to develop genuine empathy for a variety of causes that support women. Similarly, people on the job who have dressed in K1 Series Heel stops – or the K1 Series midsole traction aid – become the most staunch advocates for the Geroline line of safety products designed to reduce slips and falls in icy conditions.

Word of mouth is generally the most trustworthy source of information given the wave of “fake news” these days. So it’s nice to hear all the testimonials we receive at Geroline from people who are happy to offer their personal endorsement of our K1 Series midsole traction aid, K1 Series Heel stops and other products we produce. That vote of confidence is the reason our products continue to be a top choice for pro-active companies who care about worker safety and individual construction workers who want to ensure their own safety on the jobs. Every year we hear the stories about how our K1 Series ice cleats have reduced incidences of slips and falls on the job site. We regularly attend trade shows where people stop by our booth to share their stories; sometimes they discuss the workplace incident that made them switch to the K1 mid, other times they’re just thankful to have found a product they’re happy with. Either way, we appreciate the feedback we get from people who have first-hand experience with our safety products. Our success is based on one simple truth: our products work, and we have thousands of “ambassadors” whose experience on the job can back up that statement.

So don’t be shy about wearing heels to work, or a K1 Mid. You’ll learn to love them both. Learn more at

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