Highway Through Hell: How Highway Rescuers Stay Safe Under Icey Conditions


Geroline Industrial Safety Products is a company that targets workers in very specific industries: primarily, those workers employed in high risk jobs where industrial accidents from slips and falls are commonplace. The K1 Series Heelstop and K1 Series MidSole ice cleats are two exceptional products designed to provide security and convenience on the job.

And nowhere is the convenience of a mid-sole ice cleat more appreciated than with people in the trucking industry.

Canada’s truckers face some of the most challenging job and road conditions in the world. If you need proof, try catching an episode of Highway Through Hell, the Canadian reality TV show that follows the operation of the Jamie Davis Motor Trucking company. The show gives viewers an intimate look at the dangers of operating a heavy vehicle rescue and recovery towing company in the snowy landscapes of the harsh British Columbia interior, especially along the stretch of Highway 5 known as the “Coq” – the Coquihalla Highway.
Seeing the kind of conditions those drivers face every day makes you appreciate the skills involved in being a trucker. It also makes you understand why the K1 Midsole ice cleat is a preferred product for workers in the trucking and logistics industry.

In extreme winter conditions no trucker worth his or her salt would want to be going through the hassle of wearing traction aids that needed to be taken off every time they jumped in and out of a truck. The K1 MidSole was designed for the kind of extreme conditions often faced by truck drivers like the ones featured on the Highway Through Hell series. The high-vis adjustable strap keeps the K1 MidSole firmly in place when required to provide traction on ice and snow; however, it also allows the unit to rotate to the top of the footwear when entering buildings or climbing in and out of the truck cab. This versatility makes it a highly effective traction aid for industrial workers – or vehicle rescue workers trying to do their job in nasty weather.

When you work an industrial job trying to stay safe is part of your everyday reality. Take a step in the right direction by bring Geroline to the job.

Visit www.geroline.com for industrial traction aids.

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