Be Safe on the Job: Top 5 Jobsite Safety Tips

Every jobsite has its risks of injury, whether that’s a papercut in the office or a major injury resulting from an industrial fall. Our industrial safety products can’t protect you from the perils of paper, but we can provide you with jobsite safety tips for those workplaces where the risk of injury is much higher.

For workers who spend time on outdoor job sites, checking the weather conditions before going to work, and monitoring those conditions while at work is an important first safety tip. Postal and courier services, utility providers, municipal and regional workers, oil riggers and military personnel are just a few of the people at risk from rapidly changing weather conditions. Traction aids are a vital piece of equipment for workers fulfilling their responsibilities in those slippery outdoor conditions.

Limiting exposure to the elements is a second tip that is often ignored. Once people are on the job they can forget the perils of too much cold or sun. Working in a temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit and a wind speed of 25 KPH creates a wind chill of -19 degrees Fahrenheit. In those conditions, frostbite can occur in just 30 minutes. In hot conditions heat stroke and sun burn are constant threats.

A third tip to improve job safety is understanding the role fatigue can play in causing industrial accidents like slips, falls or injury related to machinery. Fatigue results from a lack of sleep and can be heightened by prolonged mental activity or long periods of stress or anxiety. Fatigue increases the risk of injuries or other accidents, and both you and your employer should be watching for signs of fatigue to help avoid personal injury or injury to others.

The fourth tip is related to equipment use. It’s important to use equipment for the job it’s meant for, and to always follow safety procedures related to proper use. Too many injuries are the result of not adhering to proper use of industrial equipment, tools and machinery.

Finally, wearing Geroline K1 Series Mid-Sole traction aids or Heel Stop Ice Cleats is a smart move for anyone working in slippery outdoor conditions.

Committing to this simple but effective piece of personal safety equipment can help you avoid becoming another on-the-job injury statistic.

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