K1 heelstop.
all grip and no

Made different. Made Smart.


Industrial quality construction


Flexible in extreme cold(-50℃)

5 year warranty

Five year warranty against defects from workmanship

icon adjustable

Adjustable fit for different boots


Heel traction for versatile workplace duties

The K1 Heelstop is a unique, lightweight anti-slip heel traction aid that is proven to reduce workplace slips and falls in icy or snowy conditions. The K1 Series Heelstop gives the wearer confident, secure foot traction that has been proven and trusted around the world in the most demanding industrial environments.


The grip that gets the job done. safe

durable studs

The grip that gets the job done. safe

Durable ice-penetrating studs available in both original and Intrinsic (internationally-certified to prevent sparking in volatile environments)

Covers the entire heel for effective slip prevention on ice and snow. Reflective HiVis strip for additional safety in low light conditions.

product covers heel

Easy to attach and remove from the foot with convenient Velcro straps.

product is easy to attach

for control in the cold.

Stop falls where they start with an ice cleat on the heel. The K1 Series Heelstop is a trusted solution for outdoor winter traction.

k1 heelstop original

Original Heelstop

The body of the K1 Series Heelstop is constructed of industrial quality, freeze-resistant TR rubber which remains flexible even in the most extreme temperatures. The evenly distributed, spark-resistant studs on the heel are made from long-lasting tungsten carbide to resist wear and tear and provide unparalleled anti-slip solutions.

Heelstop Intrinsic

All the great features of the Original K1 Series Heelstop Ice Cleats with the added safety of an international certification against sparking in a variety of environments.

*Intrinsic design has full international certification against sparking

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Heelstop Sizing Chart
Heelstop size M L XL XXL
Approx. shoe size (men) up to 6½ 7-10 10½-13½ 14+
Approx. shoe size (women) up to 9 9½-14 14+ -

Extension straps are available for flexible sizing.




Extend the strap of K1 Series Heelstop Ice Cleats by Devisys for the perfect fit. Made from quality leather, these extension straps are made to last, even in the most extreme environments.

These strap extenders are specifically designed to be used on the K1 Heelstop traction aids to allow extra strap length to fit bulkier boots.

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