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Rotate up when indoors

Universal fit

Universal fit


Industrial quality


Durable, ice-penetrating studs


Can be worn while driving


HiVis adjustable strap


Rotate strap


The adjustable strap makes it easy to outfit the whole team with K1 Series Mid-Sole Ice Cleats without worrying about getting the right sizes.

Easily rotate to the top of the foot for walking indoors where ice traction isn’t needed. Excellent for work sites that require driving or climbing a ladder. Ease of use drives compliance and reduces slip and fall injuries on ice and snow.

K1 adjustable strap

Original, High and Low profile models. Designed to fit a variety of footwear for a convenient solution that keeps each member of the team safe no matter the work environment, shoe size, or footwear requirements.

K1 product

ice cleats that get it.

Because not all footwear is the same, we’ve designed different Mid-Sole options to match your work and your footwear.

midsole original products
mid-sole original

Original Mid-Sole

The K1 Series Mid-Sole Ice Cleat Original is the one-size-fits-all winter traction solution ideal for a defined work boot. This is the cleat that changed the game. Rotate it to the top when not in use - Smart. Easy to outfit the whole team with one size - Convenient. Proven to prevent slips and falls on the job - Safe.

original packshots
k1 midsole lowpro

Low profile

Everything you trust about the K1 Series Mid-sole Original but designed for boots and safety shoes with low arches. The lower profile studs and narrower rubber platform makes this model ideal for footwear with little to no heel, while still providing the winter traction that the job demands.

packshot low pro
midsole-low pro
midsole hipro
midsole-hi pro

High Profile

The High Profile offers all of the functionality benefits of the K1 Mid-Sole Original but is designed for footwear with extra-deep treads, high arches and an aggressive heel such as lineman or logger boots. They can be seen in action in forestry, power and utilities, oil and gas, the pipeline industry and other deep freeze worksites.

Mid-sole ice cleat
midsole intrinsic


It offers the same design characteristics of the original K1 Mid-Sole models with the added safety benefit of an internationally-recognized intrinsic certification that prevents sparking and static buildup in volatile environments. The K1 Mid-Sole Intrinsic Ice Cleats have become a mainstay in oil & gas, chemical, wastewater and agricultural applications.

*Intrinsic design has full international certification against sparking


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hex shim

Get the Perfect fit.

Our mid-sole shim spacer adds 5mm (⅕ inch) of depth. Simply attach peel-and-stick (3M) to the back of Mid-Sole Ice Cleat of the Low Profile Mid-Sole Ice Cleat.

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