K1 Midsole Cleat Reviews: Hear From the Pros

Geroline Industrial Safety Products makes a variety of different traction aids designed to help industrial workers avoid slips and falls on the job. We know the products we make work for two reasons: first, we’ve tested them in the most extreme conditions before bringing them to market, and secondly, YOU continue to test them in extreme conditions on the job.

We know this because we receive letters from customers, both individual and corporate, who have come to appreciate how effective our K-1 series of heelstop and mid-sole ice cleats are in preventing industrial slips and falls. We received this K1 mid-sole cleat review from Howard, a foreman working on a construction site in the Northwest Territories.

Dear Geroline.
I wanted to share my story with you, because the end result of it is I’ve become a Geroline customer. I was hired to lead a construction team in NWT; we do a lot of work outside in slippery conditions. Our company mandates that we wear traction aids for our own safety, but we were free to buy whatever brand we wanted to wear. I picked up a cheap pair of full boot cleats when I took the job and had been using them for about a month. A lot of my time is spent moving around from job site to job site, as our construction project covers a large area. The cleats I was wearing often made it difficult to drive, but I was usually in too much of a hurry most days to pull them off before climbing into the truck. That was before my accident.
On that day, I jumped in the truck and was backing up to leave when my boot slipped off the gas pedal and became wedged due to my cleats. Before I could yank it out I had accelerated backward and into another truck, causing significant damage. Thankfully no one was hurt, but it made me rethink the type of ice cleat I was wearing. After doing my research I picked up a pair of your K1 Mid-Sole ice cleats. No more hassles getting in and out of my truck!  Just wanted you to know you make a great product.”

We don’t solicit endorsements from people who wear our products, but we do receive letters like this from time to time that remind us how our traction aids are impacting workers across the country.
Looking for ice cleats? It’s time you warmed up to the idea of using K1 Heelstop and Midsole Ice Cleats from Geroline – for yourself, or for your workers.
Get more information about the K1 MidSole that Howard is talking about by clicking here.

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