K1 Series Safety Equipment: Why It’s the Best For Worksites

They say “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” When it comes to the K1 Series Mid-Sole one-size-fits-all lightweight ice cleat, however, imitation is next to impossible. Sure, there are companies out there trying to piggyback on the success Geroline Industrial Safety Products has had with the K1 Mid, but nothing compares to the original K1 Series Ice Cleat. Our reputation is proof enough, but it’s really the product itself that does all the talking.

For starters, K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleats are made with a target audience in mind. These tough, durable, high-quality ice cleats are made for the demands of an industrial work environment. These are not mass-produced knock-offs sold at Walmart and purchased for kids working their winter paper route who may encounter a slippery sidewalk once in a while. These are industrial-strength safety devices that companies and workers rely on to save lives and protect people from a workplace injury in fierce winter weather conditions. We’re talking ice-covered oil rigs, snowy construction sites, wind-whipped industrial plants and other locations where wearing the wrong piece of footwear can be a potential life-altering hazard. We designed the K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleat specifically for those people, and we’ve tested them in real-time conditions. It’s why so many people rely on them each year.

Of course, Geroline offers a full warranty on all the products we sell, which is easy to do because our products rarely come back. In fact, we like to call our customers our “product ambassadors,” because people who buy the K1 Series Ice Cleat usually become our best word-of-mouth advertisers. Despite the benefits of digital technology, we find word about the quality of Geroline products still travels the fastest when it’s word of mouth. There’s no better endorsement for a product than having your co-worker standing beside you on a sheet of ice and saying how sure-footed they feel while wearing a pair of K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleats.

When reducing slips and falls is a major objective in your workplace, don’t settle for imitation. Buy the original K1 Mid-Sole from Geroline, a company built on industrial and workplace safety. Learn more at geroline.com

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