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2020 Occupational Health & Safety New Product of the Year

Winner of 2020 Occupational Health & Safety New Product of the Year for ergonomic — the K1 Slim changes the game for indoor and outdoor safety.

Step with care, inside and out


Rotate for indoors and out

Universal fit

Universal fit


Industrial ultra-thin rubber


Tungsten carbide studs

excellent traction

Excellent traction

adjustable strp

HiVis adjustable strap

Meet the K1 Slim, winner of the 2020 Occupational Health & Safety New Product of the Year. The K1 Slim was created specifically for flat-soled footwear, like runners, safety, and steel toe shoes. Built on an understanding that many work environments need safety at all times, the K1 Slim has two types of traction: Tungsten carbide for outside and ridged rubber for in. A quick 90-degree rotation, gives workers complete control of their environment, in all seasons and all conditions.

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Slim is safe.

Why should work boots be the only ones that get traction? All shoes need it. The K1 Slim democratizes footwear, by adding grip to all shoes like steel toe and runners. Made for flatter soles, these ice cleats hug the shoe so that whether inside and out they feel comfortable, not clunky.

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When inside is as wet and slippy as out, the K1 Slim rotatable design is ready. Adjustable, one size fits all, these cleats are equipped for work in warehouses and homecare. From driving to climbing, lifting to walking, the K1 Slim drives compliance and reduces slip and fall injuries.

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What makes the K1 Slim Ice Cleat so breakthrough is how well it handles water and slippery surfaces indoors. The ridged rubber sole grips without slip, so workers can safely navigate slick conditions. When it’s time to head outdoors a simple rotation of 90 degrees brings on tungsten carbide studs to firmly penetrate snow and ice.

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K1 Mid-Sole for work boots


K1 Mid-Sole for work boots

Different worksites mean different types of footwear. If your crew is in work boots trudging inside and out, they need the K1 Series Mid-Sole Ice Cleat. Rugged, smart, easy to rotate, proven to prevent slips and falls all winter long.

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