Geroline: Safety Gear for Your Outdoor Industrial Site

Geroline Industrial Safety Products is your source for innovative, industrial quality safety gear for industrial sites, like the K1 Series Heelstop Ice Cleat. This a product proven to deliver on its promise of providing you or your employees with sure-footed security in the most extreme winter work environments. The question remains: are K1 Midsole Ice Cleats worth the financial investment?

That’s a good question, and one we’d like to put in perspective with a bit of a comparative.  As a driver you probably invest a significant amount of money annually on car insurance. Your policy lays out in detail all the ways your insurance company will cover you financially in the event your vehicle is involved in an accident, stolen or damaged in some way. That may give you peace of mind while you’re driving, but what it doesn’t provide you with is protection from actually getting in an accident! No matter how many millions you’re insured for, no matter how high your liability coverage is and no matter what level of replacement value your policy offers you on your vehicle, that policy doesn’t prevent you from getting in an accident. It offers no protection before the fact; all it does is offer you a degree of compensation after your accident has occurred.

On the other hand (or should we say, foot), investing in a pair of K1 Midsole Ice Cleats is also like an insurance policy. K1 Midsole Ice Cleats are actually designed for a very specific purpose; to help you AVOID getting in an accident. Your ice cleats are all about providing you with a safety net on the job, working to reduce your risk of injury in an industrial accident. If ice cleats were car insurance,  you’d be putting on a pair after falling on ice and sustaining an injury. When you put it in that perspective, answering the question “are ice cleats worth the financial investment” rather obvious. Of course they are, especially when you’re working in extreme weather or high-risk environments where slips and falls are a real possibility.

If you need any more convincing, ask yourself this question: what is your safety worth to your family,  your children or to you? Sometimes you can’t put a price on things: your safety is one of them.

This winter, invest in a pair of K1 Series MidSole ice cleats. Learn more by clicking here.

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