Using Traction Cleats to Keep You Safe on the Jobsite

It takes a while for most new companies to gain traction with potential customers. Geroline Industrial Safety Products didn’t have that problem. As a manufacturer of top quality traction cleats, we knew exactly how impactful our safety product would be in stopping workers from suffering the impact of slips and falls. With the K1 Series Mid-Sole and K1 Series Heel Stop Ice Cleats, we are continuing to promote safer working conditions by encouraging use of the right safety equipment.

So what exactly should you be looking for in your traction cleat, and what are the primary benefits? For starters, a top quality cleat should be made of industrial-strength materials. The K1 Series Heel Stop Ice Cleat is made from TR Rubber that’s durable yet flexible in sub-zero temperatures. The superior strength Velcro straps help secure the heel in place while allowing for easy removal, and the heel-only design means you can safely operate any work or industrial vehicle without the need to remove the ice-cleat. Such convenience means you can slip into your traction cleats and feel secure while you’re on the job without having to take them off.

The same can be said for the mid-sole traction cleats. This one-size-fits-all safety product is made with Tungsten Carbide studs and industrial strength straps that keep the traction cleat in place regardless of the working conditions. When transitioning indoors, the ice cleat is easily rotated to the top of the work boot to allow you to walk on interior surfaces.

What are the benefits of wearing traction cleats like the K1 Series Mid-Sole and K1 Series Heel Stop? The most obvious benefit is that they help keep you and your workers safe by ensuring everyone is wearing industrial quality safety products that have been designed for the most rigorous and slippery working environments.

Traction cleats from Geroline were custom-crafted with worker safety in mind: they are a product that has helped thousands of workers avoid slips and falls on oily, icy, snowy, or rainy surfaces. The benefits of the mid-sole traction cleat include durability, affordability, superior design, and convenience since they can be easily rotated when moving back and forth between indoor and outdoor conditions.

Help make your workplace a safer place. Buy the original K1 Mid Sole or K1 Heel Stop traction cleats from Geroline, a company built on industrial and workplace safety.

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