Keeping Your Team Safe with Worksite Safety Gear

Geroline Industrial Safety Products is proud of the role we play in keeping workers safe with our worksite safety gear. We recognize that in the history of occupational health and safety in the workplace there have been many milestones along the way. There have also been a great many heroes along the way who have helped move labour legislation like the Workmen’s Compensation Act forward to promote workplace safety.

Today we’re helping turn ordinary people into heroes by encouraging them to incorporate the K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleat into their safety plan. Let’s say for a moment you’re a safety manager in an industry where inclement weather could result in conditions that could jeopardize worker safety. Like an unwitting Ben Parker sharing wisdom with his nephew Peter Parker – a.k.a. Spiderman – you have to understand that “with great power comes great responsibility.” You as safety manager have the power to keep your workers safe by making the decision to do the right thing: make K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleats mandatory on the job. With a minimum amount of disruption in their lives, you can be a hero to your staff by taking the necessary steps to keep them safe at all times.

What happens when you make such a heroic decision on behalf of your staff, who you know are out in the field wearing the K1 Mid-Sole as part of their work gear? For starters, you’ve automatically reduced the number of slips and falls that would have occurred.  A reduction in slips and falls as a result of the K1 Mid means an exponential decrease in the amount of injuries workers suffer on the job. That equates to a reduction in hours lost to injury, and most certainly a reduction in the paperwork necessary to move those claims through the bureaucracy related to injuries in the workplace. That means the company you work for is saving money, which makes you a hero to both the people you work for and the people who work for you. Increased compliance with safety measures means increased productivity as well.  Most important of all, keeping your staff safe means they go home to their family every night, and helping make that happen is how heroes are made.

When reducing slips and falls is a major objective in your workplace, don’t settle for imitation. Buy the original K1 Mid from Geroline, a company built on industrial and workplace safety. Learn more at

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